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Erection is the ability to develop and maintain the penis firm enough to successfully engage in and conclude a sexual act. The ability to achieve and maintain erection is not only part of sexuality, but can affect male confidence in all areas of life.


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction characterised by a man’s inability to develop or maintain an erection hard enough to have sexual intercourse. The dysfunction used to be more known as impotence. This expression, however, is rarely used these days. Erectile dysfunction may significantly deteriorate the quality of life of the man affected and his partner.
Erection problems are much more common than imagined by most people. More than half of men aged over 40 have erectile dysfunction of some level. Erectile dysfunction may appear at any age. Young men (aged between 18 and 29), too, have reported problems maintaining or developing an erection.

There are different severity categories of erectile dysfunction. Doctors frequently classify erectile dysfunction as mild, moderate and severe based on the answers given to the following three questions: How often do you have an erection? How long does the erection last? Does the erection suffice for sexual intercourse?
Men with mild erectile dysfunction fail to develop a sufficient erection now and then. Men with moderate erectile dysfunction occasionally have no erection or cannot maintain it. It may also happen that their erection does not suffice for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Men with severe erectile dysfunction cannot develop an erection. Even mild erectile dysfunction can upset a man quite severely and can also affect his partner. It is important that men with any type of erectile dysfunction are aware that it is not to be ignored and take an active role in its treatment.

Erectile dysfunction may be influenced by a number of factors that can be broken down to two main categories, i.e. organic and psychogenic. In 1980s, the prevailing opinion was that 90% of erectile dysfunction cases had a psychogenic cause and only 10% had an organic cause. Today, however, it is known that the cause for erectile dysfunction is in over 80% of cases organic.


Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is a rare form and accounts for only 20% of all erection problems. It is more frequent in young men and is mostly the result of fear from failure. It can also be the result of overload, stress on the job, lack of sexual intercourse, subconscious homosexuality, severely disturbed partner or mutual relationships, and so on. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is characterised by the presence of erection in everyday life, i.e. night erections may be present and a man may develop an erection during masturbation.


Organic erectile dysfunction causes erection problems in 80% of cases. Some men believe that it is normal if erectile function deteriorates with age. But the age itself is NOT the cause of erection problems. They are usually caused by something that disturbs normal blood circulation.

Organic causes for erectile dysfunction may hence be broken down to health problems, medicines, and unhealthy habits and lifestyle. Diseases, such as diabetes, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, vascular diseases, neurological diseases, cardiac diseases and high blood pressure hinder the circulation of blood causing damage to blood vessels, nerves or fibrous tissue working to develop and maintain an erection, and are thus the cause of erectile dysfunction in 70% of the cases. Often, erection is not affected directly by health problems, but the medications taken to treat them. Erectile dysfunction may hence be a side effect of some frequently used medications, such as medicines for lowering blood pressure, antihistamines, antidepressants, hypnotics, appetite inhibitors, etc. The third possible cause for erectile dysfunction involves unhealthy habits, such as alcohol and smoking, and lifestyle (lack of physical exercise, overload, stress, excessive cycling, etc.).

vivanord ACTION


Vivanord™ relaxes muscle tissue, widens the veins and helps increase blood flow to the penis, while preventing blood from leaving the penis prematurely. The ingredient of Rhodiola in Vivanord acts like an aphrodisiac and increases libido. Vivanord can thus help you to achieve stronger and a longer-lasting erection.

Vivanord also helps to prevent premature ejaculation and decreases regeneration time between orgasms. For the capsule to work, the individual must be sexually aroused. Vivanord should not be used by persons younger than 18 and women.